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    Pain Management


    Stroke Rehab

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    Before consulting Si En Medicare⁺
    Patient A. Montes had a serious skin disease since June 2019. He tried various treatments but to no avail.

    After consulting Si En Medicare⁺
    And taking our Chinese medicine in July 2019 continuously for 4 months, his skin condition became so much better, and he has totally recovered after 6 months

    Mr Montes

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    Internal Medicine

    Living With Chronic Conditions?
    Find a Holistic TCM Solution With Si En Medicare⁺

    Visit us with your

    1. Latest medical status report from licensed GP/doctor, &
    2. Latest blood screening or lab test report (X-Ray/MRI etc.,)

    Chronic illness is common and yet more complex than you know

    The proportion of older adults with three or more chronic diseases nearly doubled from 2009 to 2017 with the top five chronic health conditions being high blood pressure; high blood cholesterol; cataract; joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, or nerve pain; and diabetes

    Recovery from a chronic illness can take a long time, thus it is advised for one to get diagnosed early and seek treatment from a specialist.

    Why Choose

    Si En Medicare⁺

    Established since 2007, with over 120,000 cases treated More Than 20 Years of Integrative Approach To Chinese Medicine & Health Rehabilitation

    Physicians Specialised In Their Field

    Our Physicians have dealt with various complex issues of all ages and have extensive experience in treating chronic illness conditions

    Accurate Diagnosis & Effective Treatments

    Our experience physician are here to provide accurate diagnosis and the right treatment for your illness and conditions with minimally invasive treatments

    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) therapeutic products

    Si En Medicare⁺ uses GMP products and Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM) that consistently meets quality standards that are appropriate for best treatment results

    Integrative Medical Care & Treatment Solutions

    Our patients experience better healing process through our effective individualised detailed TCM treatment management plan

    Certified Experienced Physicians Specialised In Their Field

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    Iris Teo Hwee Chin


    Medical Director & Snr Physician


    Physician Teo has been treating and healing patients since 1998, she specializes in managing symptoms related to:

    Respiratory system- Cold & Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

    Dermatology (eczema, psoriasis)

    Gynecology - (PCOS, infertility, irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis),

    Neurology & Cardiology - Pain and numbness, Post-stroke Rehab

    Oncology - Post-Cancer Care

    Liver Diseases - High cholesterol, Unbalanced liver readings

    Gastroenterology - IBD (Crohn's disease), IBS, bloatedness, gastric reflux, stomach ulcers, stress-related digestive problems



    Lin Chih Chiang


    Snr Consultant Physician


    TCM Internal medicine, Acupuncture, Bones and muscles massage, Pediatric massage, Cupping and scrapping, Gastrointestinal skin, Women’s disease, Fitness and Dietary health.


    Yeh Guo Zhi


    Snr Consultant Physician


    ▪Acid Reflux ▪Allergic rhinitis ▪Apical periodontitis ▪Asthma ▪Acne ▪Ankylosing Spondylitis ▪Chronic diarrhea ▪Dermatitis ▪Dysautonomia ▪Food poisoning ▪Gallstones ▪Gastroparesis ▪Hair loss ▪Hand foot mouth disease ▪Herpes Zoster ▪Hepatitis ▪Influenza ▪Infertility ▪Insomnia ▪Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, IPF ▪Kidney stones ▪Knee Osteoarthritis ▪Myelitis ▪Lumber disc herbiation ▪Obstructive Sleep Apnea ▪Ophthalmoxerosis ▪Panic attack ▪Parkinson's disease ▪Peptic ulcer disease ▪Raynaud syndrome ▪Sinusitis ▪Sudden deafness ▪Sleeping disorders ▪Urinary tract infection ▪Ulcerative colitis UC ▪Intractable disease consultation


    Ang Jing Yu




    Children Health: Allergic rhinitis, chronic cough, adenoid hypertrophy, Asthma, Gastrointestinal issues, Developmental issues, ADHD, tic disorders, Autism, nocturnal enuresis


    Pediatric Tuina 3mth-6yr :Gastrointestinal issues, respiratory issues, developmental issues, Torticollis


    Women Health: Menstrual and fertility management


    Internal medicine: Gastrointestinal issues, Respiratory issues, depression

    Dermatology: eczema, acne

    Pain management: Frozen Shoulder, rheumatism, backache

    The human body, a complicated system, could be identified as a closely related systems that form a closely knit external and internal physiological network. The external information (symptoms) should reflect something intrinsic because of the integrity between human body and its social and natural environment. For example, the heart as a center, together with blood, vessel, mind, tongue, small intestine, consists of the heart system in TCM

    While Western medical doctors believe that most diseases are caused by micro-organism such as bacterial and viruses, or genetic disorders, an experienced TCM physician could diagnose and discern illnesses that are caused by imbalance of yin and yang, disrupting the flow of Qi in the body thus affecting your body constitution (体质)

    At Si En Medicare⁺, Our Integrative TCM approach alleviates problematic illness and symptoms; improves your health holistically and helps to sustain a better quality of life. In addition, our treatments also aim at supporting and enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities


    At Si En Medicare⁺ we can help you deal with the stress, pain, and fatigue that may accompany a chronic illness. It is best to seek help early. Talk to us today






    1. 功能性疾病
    2. 病毒感染性的疾病
    3. 慢性病
    4. 妇科疾病
    5. 疑难杂症




    Si En Medicare⁺ treatments are

    holistic, non invasive & personalised

    Our all-rounded approach to Chinese Medicine

    Genomic Screening:

    Genetic tests can be used to confirm the diagnosis or give you information about possible development of a hereditary disease. We help individuals optimize their health based on their unique genetics that can help compliment precision medicine care

    Preventive Care:

    Many Chronic diseases are medical conditions that are generally progressive. We help make key changes to your body constitution (体质) to ensure such illnesses undergoes early stage prevention or are treated

    Holistic Modern Integrative TCM Treatments:

    Other than helping with pain relief, our treatments aim at enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal and thereby leading to repelling diseases, rehabilitation, cure and recovery

    Evidence Based Methods

    Mutli-Speciality Team

    Data Driven Approach

    Successful Clinical Feedback

    Before consulting Si En Medicare⁺

    Patient suffered from breast engorgement 2 weeks after delivery. It was a very painful experience. She took 8-10 tablets a day, which involved antibiotics, paracetamol etc despite being worried that these chemicals would be expressed in breast milk. The pain still continued for 1 week.

    After consulting Si En Medicare⁺

    "Ms Iris understood my problem in detail"

    "I could sense some relief within a day of medicine intake"
    "I should say I had 80% pain relief"

    "I completed the 1 week course even though I had recovered completely mid-way through"

    Preferred not to be named

    Evelyn Yip
    Evelyn Yip
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    Dr Teo has been helping me to strengthen my liver function for the last half a year. I was initially advised by my Liver Specialist (Western medicine doc) to do extensive investigation and possibly go on long term medication. Thanks to Dr Teo's treatment, I have received the "all clear" in my blood test results this week!!!!
    Ccy C
    Ccy C
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    Possibly one of the best TCMs in Singapore. I had eczema and it flared up very badly. Thanks to Zhang Yi Si's care and medication, my condition improved tremendously. Not only did my eczema get better, my digestion, sleep and period improved. The customer service is very good as well!
    Double Trouper
    Double Trouper
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    Just went to this clinic and surely the physician is very kind and friendly! I had a treatment at my thigh muscle area because of aching pain while im doing my workout. The physician fix it right away within an hour and i no longer feels pain. Im quite surprised and definitely worth a try to let them fix your problems

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