About Us


Our Purpose

Making a positive difference in every life we touch

Our Vision

We are transforming TCM healthcare, creating a sanctuary known for the best physicians & clinicians and a one-of-a-kind experience that always puts patients first.

Champion Patient-Centered TCM Care

We seek to consistently deliver the highest quality, safest and patient-centred care and services. This includes maintaining the highest ethical standards and treating our patients, their families and each other with compassion, courtesy, transparency, and respect to create a one-of-a-kind experience we would want for ourselves.

The Science of Translational TCM

The Si En Healthcare Promise

We Promise to treasure, nurture and inspire ourselves, our team, our patients and families, and our community. Because we know that strong relationships are essential to provide exceptional care.  We Promise to deliver exceptionally recognized healthcare, strengthen our healthiest community and advance the future of TCM healthcare.

And because SI En’s promises are personal, we Promise to focus on your health, not just when there’s an urgent medical need, but for a lifetime of wellness.

We deliver the best outcomes and safest care by placing people at the heart of all we do. We improve lives every day by promoting wellness, education and discovery.

Translating TCM Science,

Our Promise is YOUR HEALTH.

Si En Medicare Physician’s Commitment

Patient-and family-centered care is the core of Si En Medicare’s high-quality health care system and a necessary foundation for safe, effective, timely, and equitable care. We deliver this commitment by emphasizing:

Medical Health Product/Service


Safety, treatment procedure, Cost effective, Cure & Heal, evidenced based medicine


Transparent communication, assurances, comfort and informed consultation


Superior Treatment Outcome, Outstanding Patient Experience

Customer & Patients


Disease Management, Healing & Recovery,
Crisis Prevention


(Consistently good) Clinical Outcome: Effective Treatment Options & Assurance of efficiency plus transparent (trustworthy) information


Missed treatment opportunity for healing

Quality Assurance & Procedures

To assist our Physician Team in providing our patients with care of a consistent quality we will:

  1. Provide a safe and welcoming environment
  2. Ensure all members of our Team are appropriately trained
  3. Provide patients with information about the Practice and the care available, and ensure the patient understands the terms under which care is offered
  4. Obtain valid consent for all treatment
  1. Explain all treatment options and agree clinical decisions with the patient(s), explaining the possible risks involved with each option
  2. Refer to Specialists/Experts for investigation or treatment as appropriate and without undue delay
  3. Maintain contemporaneous clinical records with an up-to-date medical history for all patients